Restartup: A Conversation with Arun Krishnakumar

Arunkumar Krishnakumar is a successful VC and tech investor focused on emerging markets and social impact with GreenShores Capital and Delphos International. He has invested, advised and mentored startups and is passionate about purposeful innovation. Arun has over a decade of corporate technology experience, followed by almost a decade long investment experience. He is an Onalytica Fintech Influencer, Refinitiv Top 100 Social Leader and a Top 100 Asian in UK Tech. Arun has launched a successful podcast with Theo Lau and Brad Leimer and is an author with particular interest and expertise in Fintech and Deep technology solutions and today we will be talking about his new book, Restartup: A Founder’s Guide to Crisis Navigation together with Maxson Tee.

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What we talked about and when

01:30His background and what got him into writing a book
03:00The origin story of his second book
07:00“Even shit floats in high tide” – What Restartup is actually about
08:45The key understanding entrepreneurs are lacking and that can be decisive for the success of their companies
09:45The Importance of Mental Health and Why we need to talk about it
13:30The reason board members need to have more empathy and the benefits more transparency brings
15:00How to act as a startup entrepreneur in a crisis
17:45The first thing a company needs to do when facing an emergency like the Covid pandemic (and in regular times, too)
20:00Why it is all about getting lean and mean and to do it quickly
22:45Keeping all the balls in the air and which ones you can drop
26:00The value of influencer lists and how it helps to be on one
29:30The role of regulators in the fight against climate change and what funds and investors can do
34:30The key stakeholders in all fundamental changes
37:30The problem of gender inequality in venture capital
42:00Blockchain, decentralization and access to information
46:00The impact of Quantum Computing on the future of Blockchain technology

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