The NFT Handbook: The FinTechnologist and Matt Fortnow

Matt Fortnow is a true veteran in the tech startup space:

Matt cofounded in 1996, the Internet’s first fantasy sports service. He grew the company, which created fantasy sports games for the NFL, Major League Baseball, and others, and sold it a few years later with his partners to CBS SportsLine.

Ever since the sale of the company, Matt has been consulting entrepreneurs and has been involved in various startups as an investor or advisor.

Previously as an entertainment lawyer, he represented a variety of musical artists, songwriters, producers, and record companies and co‐authored the 7th Edition of This Business of Music, the bible of the music industry.

He is a lecturer and an author and, in this episode, we will be talking about his new book entitled The NFT Handbook – How to create, sell and buy non-fungible tokens – which he wrote together with QuHarrison Terry, and all things NFT.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Matt Fortnow!


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What we talked about and when


01:30Why the NFT Handbook is an excellent reference for anyone interested in non-fungible tokens
03:00A quick explanation of NFTs, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
05:00The connection of NFTs to the online and offline world you need to understand
06:00A common misconception about NFTs, why they are not perfect, but why that also is an advantage of the concept
07:00The role of copyright and contract issues and why this matters to the people minting NFTs and those buying it
08:00The incredible number of forgeries in the art world and how NFTs solve the problem
10:00When a Jackson Pollock painting doesn’t sing like a Pollock and the fallibility of experts
11:00The royalty element of NFTs explained and how it can be applied to all sorts of content
12:30What to bear in mind when trying to collect royalties with your work and the trends towards specific NFT marketplaces
13:45The role of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies for the NFT sector and what the future will bring
16:30The securities discussion relating to cryptocurrencies, how it impacts non-fungible tokens and what to look out for
18:30What regulators like the SECs focus on with regard to NFTs and what creators need to think of
21:00How to invest in royalties through non-fungible tokens and the future of the music industry
22:30The NFTs Matt would buy if money didn’t matter



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