Martin Schilling and The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy

Martin Schilling is an angel investor, startup builder, and scale-up executive. Having co-created and scaled several companies, including a McKinsey subsidiary as well as the neobank N26, he is now the managing director of the German Start-Up Accelerator TechStars. Together with Thomas Klugkist, he is also the author of The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy – 99 Practices to scale startups into Unicorn Companies. We talked about this and more in this latest episode and I hope you enjoy this conversation with Martin!

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What we talked about

  • His personal background and how he got to where he is today
  • What made him write the book and how it connects to his personal experiences
  • The structure of the book and how it can help to build a unicorn company
  • Why despite a busy schedule every entrepreneur should read the book
  • The key pitfalls to avoid for scale up builders
  • How to get your term sheets right
  • Special experiences from a long career in building and scaling start-ups


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