David Carlisle and The Crypto Launderers

David Carlisle is Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Elliptic, the Blockchain analytics firm. He is also an Associate at the Royal United Services Institute and worked previously at the Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes at the Treasury Department of the United States. He has appeared on major media outlets such as the FT, Bloomberg or Reuters and has now published his new book: “The Crypto Launderers- Crime and Cryptocurrencies from the Dark Web to DeFi and Beyond”, which is an excellent history of cryptocurrency and crime. We talked about this and a little more in this episode. Enjoy!



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What we talked about

  • The influence of crime on the public perception of Cryptocurrencies
  • The Evolution of Cryptocurrency Crime in light of the growing acceptance of Cryptocurrencies
  • The Technologies exploited by crooks
  • Blockchain Transparency and Financial Privacy
  • The role of regulation, its development and implementation, in particular with regard to unsupportive countries (i.e., Russia or North Korea)
  • The conflict between (regulatory demanded) transparency and the inherent concept of privacy
  • The Future of Crypto Crime and Innovations



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